2012-07-22 What Is The Soul? I Can’t Stop Asking…

Kirk Ridgeway, Worship Leader; Karen Klussendorf, Worship Associate

Throughout the world and history, regardless of tradition of view of reality, people have sensed the presence of a deep inner voice, an otherness, many call the soul. What is the voice of the soul? How do we connect with it, listen to it? Do we hear it at all?  We’ll work a little bit with these questions.

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2012-07-15 Connecting the Invisible: Groundwater and Life


Worship Participants: Green Sanctuary; Thomas Harter, Guest Speaker 

In the Central Valley most people rely on groundwater as their source for drinking and domestic water. Nitrate is one of the most common groundwater contaminants. “Fixing” the nitrate problem is a long-term global issue that involves all of us. Thomas Harter is on the faculty of  UC Davis, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. His work focuses on the interface between groundwater and agriculture.

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2012-07-08 UU Social Justice Action in Phoenix

Bryan Plude, Worship Leader; Erica Kenney, Worship Associate

Join Bryan and others from UUCD who will attend UUA Justice General Assembly (GA), June 2012, in Arizona. In response to the harsh immigration laws imposed two years ago, UUs were invited by local organizations to visit and to extend UU social justice outreach to border and migration issues. Bryan Plude has just completed his first year in the Masters of Divinity program at Starr King.

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2012-07-01 Everything Happens for a Reason

Lucy Bunch, Worship Leader; John Ashby, Worship Associate

Many of us have heard (or even used) this statement. What are we really saying? Is this the secular version of “It is God’s will”? This Sunday we will explore how humans make meaning out the joys and sorrows or our lives. Lucy Bunch is a 2011 Starr King Grad; she interned at UU Palo Alto.

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