2012-08-26 Yes, a Failure, But is it a Good Failure?

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Jennifer Richard, Worship Associate


“Yes, a Failure, but How Good a Failure?” – Cornell West. Missed opportunities. Misunderstood conversations. Exerting power when we needed to ask questions. These are a few examples of how we fail. However, if we are not failing at least 25% of our endeavors, then we are barely living, and that’sthe most egregious failure of all.


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2012-08-12 A Mission Born Of Mystery

Rev. Robert Latham, Guest Preacher; Rev. Beth Banks, Liturgist

Liturgist. UUs’ religious purpose was created by society to fill a need for the entire culture. We will look at what this need might be, define this mission, at the substitutes we’ve designed, and what could happen if we engaged this mission with passion. Want to make a real difference & transform our culture? This service will show how the UU Church of Davis can answer “yes.”


Copyright: Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis