2012-09-30 Practice Believing

Annie Gonzalez, M.Div, Intern & Campus Minister; Karen Klussendorf, Worship Associate


Whether in religious texts or inspiring documentaries, we humans love to tell stories about people achieving what was thought to be impossible. With so many reasons to give up hope these days, we need a risk-taking, imaginative faith so we don’t fall into what Sharon Welch terms “cultured despair.” If we can avoid the pitfalls of delusion and denial, believing in the impossible can give us the strength to continue to work for change.

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2012-09-23 The Fine Edge of the Knife

Rev. Elizabeth Banks, Worship Leader Annie Gonzalez, Worship Associate

This Sunday falls in the middle of the Jewish High Holy Days, The Days of Awe. For ten days, observant Jewish people stop the regular rhythm of their lives. They pray, consider how they measure up to their ideals, and ask for forgiveness. Maimonides, 12th-century philosopher, sage of the Talmud, interpreted the call of the shofar at the beginning of The Days of Awe: “Awake, you sleepers, from your slumber. Examine your deeds. Return in repentance and remember your creator.”
One of the most important Jewish stories for this time is Genesis 22, when Abraham is asked to sacrifice his son. In this season of exploring ‘faith’ we’ll join those who have puzzled over this scene for centuries. Remember your answers from last week’s question, “How do you live your faith?”

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2012-09-09 Gathering of the Waters

Worship Leaders: Rev. Beth Banks; Kate Raymond; Leonie Pickett; Annie Gonzalez; Laura Sandage; Kalen Adams; Alex Solorio; Stephanie Holm & others.

We celebrate the changes experienced over summer and the ongoing community we build together. Bring a small container of water to symbolize your summer. To honor all summer journeys (including those taken from home), consider telling us what your water represents as well as its source. We’ll combine them in a shared communion bowl. This service focuses on word and melody, Sparks Choir, Juuliebells, and movement!

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2012-09-02 Labor Day: Perils and Opportunities

Bill Camp, Executive Secretary of the Sacramento Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO Kirk Ridgeway, Worship Associate; Jane Kiser, Life Journey.

Workers and their families are facing daunting challenges in this time of political and economic turmoil.  Bill Camp from the Sacramento Central Labor Council will speak of these and the imperative of protecting and obtaining equality and justice in the workplace for the benefit of us all.

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