2012-11-25 Implied Covenant

Annie Gonzalez, MDiv, Worship Leader; Erica Kenney, Worship Associate; Liz Leahy, Life Journey

Families are complicated. Sometimes we cannot keep unspoken family covenants. Sometimes a family member breaks a promise, and we don’t know what to do. How can we respect family bonds, our personal needs, and our UU values?


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2012-11-18 One Covenant to Rule them All

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader, John Ashby, Worship Associate.

On March 27, 1851, a small voluntary military force traveled into Yosemite Valley on an expedition to find the Ahwahneechee Indians. Records from the journey tell of the Valley’s splendors, natural cathedrals that surpass Europe’s human-made creations. One man wrote that he was repeatedly moved to tears by the beauty, but most of the men were focused on their task, to fulfill a doctrine written in the 15th century. Awareness of the “Doctrine of Discovery” will change how we see history. The first step to understanding is awareness. Let’s continue our own  discovery together.


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2012-11-11 Assuaging the Hungry Ghosts: Healing the Moral Injuries of War

Caroline H. Knowles, Ph.D., Worship Leader; Annie Gonzalez, Worship Associate.

Warriors return from today’s wars to civilian life with profound disruption of their trust in themselves, in their own integrity, and in society—injuries that go beyond Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Healing begins with a community that can hear their stories, and ultimately provides the means to forge swords into ploughshares.


Dr. Carrie Knowles is a Candidate for Fellowship as a UU Minister. Carrie enters ministry after careers in psychology and the law. She serves the Coming Home Project, which assists post-911 veterans in reconnecting with civilian life. She is a member of the Board of the Interfaith Center at the Presidio, where, as chaplain for veterans, she coordinates the annual Memorial Day Worship Service, consults to the staff Swords to Plowshares, and conducts conferences in the Bay Area to bring together veterans and professional caregivers with clergy in dialog to understand and seek ways heal the spiritual wounds of war.


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2012-11-04 Covenant: Being Loyal to Love

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Chuck Halsted & Annie Gonzalez, Worship Associates.


Think of covenant as promises we make with others: to live agreed-upon best practices in our relationships. Sometimes we fall short and even break our promises but, if there is trust, those who covenant try again. How have promises served in your life; how do we maintain loving relationships in community? Embedded in this service is a thread of our whimsical history with covenants. UU communion at both services.


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