2013-01-27 A Holy Triangle


Annie Gonzalez, Worship Leader; John Ashby, Worship Associate.

UUs promote justice, equity, and compassion in human relations. Sometimes justice and equity are in conflict. If we rely on this holy triangle from second principle, we can open our hearts and change the cultural narrative about who deserves what in our society.

Copyright: Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis

2013-01-20 The Journey to Freedom


Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Annie Gonzalez, Worship Associate.

The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration by Isabel Wilkerson, is the 2012-13 Davis Community Book. 1917–1970s, approximately six million African-Americans traveled north to escape Jim Crow. Her book weaves research of the great migration with the stories of three migrants. One of many questions raised is, “Why do we create stories, often erroneous, for those who are strangers to us?”

Copyright: Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis

2013-01-13 Knock on Your Heart: Who’s Home?

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Karen Klussendorf, Worship Associate; Jaymelyn Hubert, Jyra Labbe-Renault

Our lives continually change in unexpected ways. “Living our potential as agents of change” might sound like a task for an overachiever, but it is asked of us every day. Some people take the gifts from life and multiply them. Those same people take tragedies and reshape them to become building blocks for a new life. They take the inevitable moments of feeling powerless and build a stronger world, starting with themselves. As we begin this New Year, we’ll hear the story of inspirational models and we’ll look at our own lives. Chances are we’re already doing this and deserve our own recognition. This service will introduce a spiritual practice that will give us a new way to see our interactions, and care for the center core of our being.


Copyright: Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis