2013-05-26 Peace & The Soul Repair

Rev. Elizabeth Banks, Worship Leader; Charles Halsted, Worship Associate

Memorial Day is set aside to honor those who have died in wars defending our country. Not all casualties of war are confined to the war itself, and soul damage continues to rob peace and normalcy from those who engaged in combat. In this service, we’ll consider the “moral injury” that happens as a result of actively engaging in war. This experience is worthy of discussing on both Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day.


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2013-05-19 Coming of Age Celebration Service

Coming of Age & Kate Raymond, Director Lifespan Learning, Worship Leader

Every other year our 8-10th graders are invited to be a part of the Coming of Age (COA) program, which provides youth the opportunity to challenge themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually while learning more about our faith and their own spiritual paths. We are fortunate to be in one of the few areas of the country where we have access to both district and congregational COA programming. Because of this advantage, our youth have had the chance to participate in three amazing weekend retreats throughout the year, as well as being partnered with an adult mentor from our own congregation for twice monthly meetings. Come affirm our COA youth as they share their statements of belief and their growth experiences.


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2013-05-12 Learning To Be Fiercely Maternal

Annie Gonzalez, M.Div., Worship Leader; John Ashby, Worship Associate.

What does a 19th century historical Euro-American figure like Julia Ward Howe have in common with a contemporary Nobel Peace Prize winner from Liberia like Leymah Gbowee? Both women called on mothers to channel their fierce love and committed compassion toward the cause of peace. Can each of us, regardless of gender or parental status, learn from these maternal qualities to let our love motivate us toward fiercely committed peace work?


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2013-05-05 Ingredients for Inner Peace

Campus Ministry Students, Worship Leaders; Annie Gonzalez,Campus Minister & Worship Associate; Participants: Meghan Kelly, Rose Beth DeCristoforo, Leila Hoenicke, Jaymelyn Hubert, Ben Bazor, Sophie Barrett, Erica Kenny.

The UU Campus Ministry Group and Annie Gonzalez, Campus Minister, will lead a service exploring the concept of inner peace. Perhaps there is a deep peace within us that is covered up  by events, worries and our everyday lives. How can we access that peace given our busy and troublesome world? 11:15am “First” Sunday style worship: Children & Youth present first 30 min.


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