2013-07-28 Got Religion?

Worship Leader: John Ashby; Worship Associate: Charles Halsted.

More people now self identify as “None” rather than with a specific religion; they overwhelmingly claim to be “Spiritual.” Many are also liberal, committed to social justice, and resist the limiting creeds many religions require. UUism may be the good news they need to hear.

Copyright: Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis

2013-07-21 “Journeys” to the Navajo


Worship Leaders: Bryan Plude (Candidate for UU Ministry), Kate Raymond, and Jiji Hubert.

Sixteen of our youth and adults completed their “Journeys of the Spirit” trip to the Navajo Nation in June. They journeyed to serve and to learn. They’ll give witness to how they have been changed. Invite your youth. Come if you’re searching for hope.

Copyright: Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis

2013-07-14 Standing on the Side of Love

Worship Leader: Jenn Richard; Worship Associate: Karen Klussendorf.

Advocates against allowing same sex couples rights to legal or religious marriage say they are simply supporting traditional marriage, but what is this “traditional marriage” they speak of? Marriage, our expectation of it, and our cultural, religious and legal rules governing it are constantly evolving. Even the notion of “biblical marriage” turns out to be more  complicated than assumed by those who fight against marriage equality.


Copyright: Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis

2013-07-07 Building a UU Cathedral


Worship Leaders: Members of the Green Sanctuary Committee. (Judy Moores, Kristal Fadtke, Angee Doeer, Lynne Nittler, Reeda Palmer)

It took generations to complete the medieval cathedral edifices that inspire us today. Our UU denomination builds a spiritual monument – to right social wrongs in the world. Might our finest, most vital monument be a livable Earth for our great grand-children? Come learn more; find out what you can do; be inspired.



Copyright: Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis