2013-10-27 Sustainability & Sacrifice

Sustainability and Sacrifice: Living with Ourselves, Living with our Earth;

Caitlin Cotter, Worship Leader; Rowan Labbe-Renault, Worship Associate.

What can be, what must, and what has already been sacrificed in our changing relationship with the rest of our natural world? We, as individuals, a society, and a species, must move through our grief about the destruction we have wrought upon our parent planet and into a more hopeful and intentional future.


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2013-10-20 Undocumented: Dreaming the Same Dream

Karen Klussendorf, Worship Leader; Nilsen Gomez & Jessica Villanueva, Guest Speakers

I struggled to make enough money to live on my own with only a part-time job, with fear that even that could be taken from me because I was illegally here in the country. There is so many stereotypes placed on people like me, there are so many questions and details that you guys don’t know. That is where I come in to share my story and give insight to what it is to be an illegal immigrant in this country.” Born in Mexico, a recipient of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), age 19, and a student at Woodland Community College, Xavier is working to transfer to a four year institution.

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2013-10-13 Messages from the Delta

Worship Leaders: Kristal Fadke, Kate Raymond, Gerry Hair, Eldridge Moores and Rev. Beth Banks, Liturgist

These people went on a water eco-justice tour with the UU Legislative Ministry (UULM) to learn about changes in the Delta. They met dairy farmers, an engineer moving water, an environmentalist observing Sand Hill Cranes. Each participant discovered a personal vulnerability. We’ll share some of the demands made upon the Delta and our responses.


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2013-10-06 What Will You Give?


Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Caitlin Cotter, Worship Associate & Intern Minister

We can sacrifice for relationships, ideas, a movement. At best, it’s a love offering. 

Annual Animal Blessing Service. We may have a ball python and a bearded dragon visit from the “Explore It!” Center. All creatures must be leashed or caged for their own safety. St. Francis loved the peaceful existence, and we strive for the same.

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