2013-12-29 Experiencing the Divine

Caitlin Cotter, Intern and Campus Minister, Worship Leader; Worship Associates: Mehdi Moghaddam and Dan Barker, cello.

For the month of December we have been talking about Incarnation. This service will be less about words, and more about the music and poetry that connect us with spirit. Mehdi Moghaddam has attended our congregation, and led a Sufi group that meets in the Library for many years. He will be joined by accomplished cellist, Dan Barker.

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2013-12-22 The Wholly (Holly) Wonder-fully Human Family

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Erica Kenney, Worship Associate; with Eldridge Moores, Nancy Cohen, Heidi Li

The Juuliebells will perform throughout the service. The lyrics of Fred Small’s song “Everything’s Possible” read: “You can dream all the day never reaching the end of everything that’s possible for you . . . “ The wholly (holy) family has many possibilities. It is the single person, and a couple who have chosen to remain childless. Sometimes there is a father and mother, or two adults of the same sex. We are a holy family with birth children, foster children and adopted children. The holy family is a single mother, or grandparents who live alone. On this Sunday we will hear stories from several holy families from our own congregation.


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2013-12-15 Dickens Incarnate: Living Into the Legacy of Charles Dickens

Caitlin Cotter, Worship Leader; Lee Ann D’Amato, Worship Associate.

In this service we will explore the ways Charles Dickens re-imagined Christmas after his conversion to Unitarianism, and how we can continue this legacy of creatively celebrating the holiday season. How can we find connection, joy, and a sense of meaning in the midst of all that winter brings?

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2013-12-08 Incarnation: I Sing the Body Electric

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Jenn Richard, Worship Associate.

Walt Whitman wrote: “And if the body does not do as much as the Soul? / And if the body were not the Soul, what is the Soul?” Incarnation means “the spirit made flesh.” Are the joys of sexual and sensual pleasure a religious issue, not for religion to condemn, but to celebrate? Religion is known for a separating spirit from the physical, but when we live their true integration, we are our most human.

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2013-12-01 Two In One

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Ellen Rosen, Worship Associate.

Being raised Unitarian (the Universalist theology came later for me) I understood the concept of (Uni) one God. I also understood what people could mean by Spirit, however, I struggled to make sense of the Incarnation. How could Jesus be completely God and human (the Incarnation)? It took a change in how I think about everything to begin to accept this mystery as a Unitarian Universalist.

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