2014-06-29 The Way of the Chalice

Rev. Dr. Leisa Huyck, Worship Leader; Autumn Labbe-Renault, Worship Associate

Is Unitarian Universalism really a religion? What is at the center of our movement if we have no creed? What does this have to do with belonging, and why does it matter? Come hear the good news about our life-saving, earth-healing religion.

Rev. Dr. Leisa Huyck is a former ecologist who worked in sustainable agriculture research and education before becoming a minister. She is called to help bring about the spiritual transformation our culture needs in order to live sustainability–and lovingly–on our beautiful, blue-green planet. She and her husband Steve Temple are longtime members of UUCD.


2014-06-22 What Can You Offer to Replace My Lost Faith?

Worship Leader: Milt Hildebrand; Carlena Wike, Worship Associate

Milt’s sermon takes the congregation back to when he was teaching embryology to pre-med, pre-veterinarian, and animal science majors at UCD. The lab sessions were conducted by graduate students, but Milt attended the labs to get to know the students. One student told Milt that his class had destroyed her religious beliefs. She asked, “What can you offer to replace my lost faith?” The sermon is Milt’s extensive philosophical and scientific response.


2014-06-15 Who Belongs in the Kitchen? A Father’s Day Service

Caitlin Cotter, Worship Leader; Eldridge Moores, Worship Associate

Caitlin Cotter, Intern and Campus Minister for 2013-14 gives her final sermon: in celebration of all who live into the
role of Dad. Join us to send her off with thanks and well-wishes.

Copyright: Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis

2014-06-08 Flower Communion: Belonging in the Tradition


Rev. Beth Banks & Caitlin Cotter, Worship Leaders; Lee Ann D’Amato, Worship Associate.

More than anything, Flower Communion reminds us about the characteristics of belonging. Music extravaganza with the Juuliebells, many Hymn of the Month selections, and the Vocal Art Ensemble.

Copyright: Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis

2014-06-01 We Are Rising Up_Bridging Ceremony

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Kate Raymond and Tom Jankowski, Worship Associates.

Unitarian Universalist congregations recognize High School graduates with the bridging ritual. Our service will echo the UNIQUE High School group’s theme from their Feb. service: judgment, not as a challenge, but to continue the conversation. Youth continuing in high school help launch our graduates; young adults welcome them into a new phase of life. Want inspiration? Come be a part of creating it.


Copyright: Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis