2014-08-31 Honoring Labor Day

Rev. Jay Atkinson, Guest Minister; Suzanne Kimmel, Worship Associate.

Labor Day is for honoring the dignity of work, the achievements of the labor movement, and the power of populist solidarity. Where is that power today, and what kind of new solidarity will coalesce to subdue the modern dragons of corporate plutocracy that ravage our social landscape in this new gilded age?

Rev. Jay Atkinson: professor of religion; interfaith dialogue, social and economic justice; congregation as a pluralistic community of mutual teaching and learning. He was Minister at the UU Church of Davis 1986-1998.




2014-08-24 Bring Many Names

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader & Worship Associates.


Our congregation has a tremendous span of theological diversity, and this Sunday we will hear how our Worship Associates understand the word ‘God.’ In preparation for this service, consider what name you give to whatever it is that you place your deepest trust. Beloved? Mystery? Ground of Our Being? Love? The possibilities are endless and your expression is as valuable as the person who sits next to you.

2014-08-17 An Invitation to Our Life: The Dream Team

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader & The Dream Team (formerly the Strategic Planning Team): Barbara Clutter, Steve Burns, Meghan Kelly, George Hubert and Tamara Range.

Consider this Sunday the introductory chapter to the latest book in a best-selling series. It’s a page-turner with moments of reflection and action. The storyline reveals inspirational treasures from the past, and challenges the main characters to be courageous when the outcome is just beyond their imagination. This is the story about invitation and the experience of creating a dream together. The story is unfolding week-by-week, and everyone is potentially one of the main characters.

2014-08-10 Rip it, Roll it, and Punch it!: Lessons from Turtle Crush

Sarah Caine, Worship Leader, Campus Minister 2014-2015; Eldridge Moores, Worship Associate.


With every twist and turn, it can feel as if life is leading us in a particular direction. What is it that makes us feel as if we are “in tune” with the changes in our lives?


Sarah Caine is our 2014-2015 Campus Minister. She is a seminary student at Starr King School for the Ministry. Her call pulls her toward social justice. While in seminary, she hopes to join the Military Chaplain Candidate Program, exploring what it means to serve as a chaplain in the military. In her time outside of school, she enjoys dancing, practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Sarah is excited to merge all of her interests and talents into a unique form of ministry with the UU Davis Church and UC Davis students.

2014-08-03 The Road of Surprises

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Jenn Richard Worship Associate.

The reading for this sermon started with Buddha’s Brain: happiness, love and wisdom by Rick Hanson and Richard Meddius, and grew to include the writing of Chinese-American civic entrepreneur, Eric Liu. The good news for us in this time of innovation and change is that we are equipped for: both what’s routine and new. What if the predictable road of our life suddenly shook itself out and headed out across the future in a new way?