2015-01-25 Foundation for Our Future

Dream Team, Worship Leaders; Lee Ann D’Amato, Worship Associate.

During the past few months The Dream Team (Barbara Clutter, chair; Chuck Halsted, George Hubert, Meghan Kelly, Tamara Range, with consultant Anna Eng) has been exploring our congregation’s strong foundation. What draws people to our church? Why do they stay? How does this help us discover where we can build together?

2015-01-18 Martin Luther King Jr: An Extremist for Love & Justice

Rev. Cody Sanders, Worship Leader; Donna Sachs, Worship Associate.

We celebrate the life, legacy, and teachings of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As a Baptist minister, King’s faith perspectives fueled his vision for a more just future. From his leadership in the civil rights movement to his opposition to the Vietnam War, King’s vision still holds important lessons for us in this critical moment of US history. This service will draw upon King’s witness to challenge and inspire us to continue the work of peace rooted in justice.

2015-01-11 Life: Let It Be a Dance

Karen Klussendorf, Worship Leader; Jeff Lefkoff, Worship Associate

In Yoga practice, resting where the body gives resistance is instructive. In relationships, our resistance can pinpoint our most fragile and genuine self. In the multi-genre narrative of the Star Trek saga, evil aliens often declare, “Resistance is futile.” Resistance, in scientific terms, is also part of the three-part equation that makes light. In the present body politic, is resistance effective? Anne Hoffmann thinks out loud about “resistance,” using story, humor and a perspective on this topic that will, if nothing else, leave you wondering.