2015-03-15 Be Who You Are

Rev. Dr. Sándor Kovács, Worship Leader; Donna Sachs, Worship Associate.

Many UU congregations are partnered with progressive religious groups from India, the Philippines, or Transylvania. Over the years these partnerships––built on reciprocity––have strengthened the consciousness of who we are. Explore the benefits of partnership through the history of the Hungarian speaking Unitarians of Transylvania.

Rev. Dr. Sándor Kovács teaches church history and history of religion at the Protestant Theological Seminary in Kolozsvár (Transylvania), Romania. He received his PhD in early Unitarian history from Szeged University in Hungary. He translates, edits and writes books and scholarly articles. His PhD dissertation is on English-Transylvanian connections in the 19th century (the first recorded contact was in 1833). Sándor was one of the first Balázs Scholars at Starr King School in 1995-96.

2015-03-08 Money and Real Life

Rev. Roger Jones, Worship Leader; Lee Ann D’Amato, Worship Associate.

Few things can stir up personal anxiety or family tension like our need for money and our wish for the things it can bring us. Come hear a personal story and reflect on the role of money in your life. What messages did you learn about money while growing up? How do you think about receiving and giving money?

At the UU Society of Sacramento, Roger Jones first served as the Family Minister from 2008-13. He was elected Senior Minister in 2014. The congregation will install him in a ceremony March 8 at 4pm, 890 Morse Ave. We’re all invited! Roger has served congregations in Minnesota, Silicon Valley, Northwest Indiana, and New England. Prior to ministry he worked in Illinois government finance and social services. He has an M.Div. from Meadville Lombard and a BA and MBA from Indiana University Bloomington. He has served on committees, boards and grants panels for our UU Pacific Central District, UU Ministers Association, and UU Funding Program. He is a subscriber to several Sacramento theater companies and a YMCA board member.

2015-03-01 The Forbidden

Josh Searle-White, Worship Leader; Autumn Labbé-Renault, Worship Associate.

One of the traditional facets of sin is that it is (or should be) hidden away from the prying eyes of others. But what might happen if we brought the forbidden out into the light? Join us for an exploration that might just turn the definition of sin upside down.

Joshua Searle-White is a Congregational Life staff member for the UUA, serving the Pacific Central District and Pacific Western Region. He¹s joined by Shaun Collins, San Mateo board member, and Alan Herrmann, Sunnyvale Music Director.