2015-04-19 From Dreams to Realities; Strategic Planning Dream Team

Dream Team Worship Leaders: Barbara Clutter, Meghan Kelly, Tamara Range, Charles Halstead; John Ashby, Worship Associate We heard a lot of great dreams, a lot of stories, a lot of hopes. And we have among us lots of talented, passionate people who care about this community. Now what do we DO about this? This next phase of our strategic planning process is about how YOU want to be part of making the dreams of our community a reality.

2015-04-12 Pathways to Redemption: Climate Justice/Just Transition

Rev. Kurt Kuhwald, Worship Leader; Jeff Lefkoff, Worship Associate.

We have come to it … the decision point. We have come to the realization that as UUs we must commit to respond to the greatest challenge human kind has ever faced … we must take our place, offer our gifts … we must, together, take the redemptive pathway to climate justice and a just transition for all people, all species …

 Rev. Kuhwald has served 8 congregations as minister in various capacities. He has also served in three community ministries including street ministry, graduate faculty, and community change activist for racial, economic and climate justice.

2015-04-05 Easter Sunday: When You Think the Story’s Over

Rev. Roger Jones, Worship Leader; Simon Murphey, Worship Associate.

The Christian tradition’s Easter narrative tells of the rebirth of hope in the midst of doubt, loss and anguish. Likewise, the Jewish Passover recounts the trials of a people daring to hope for freedom. On Easter Sunday, let’s be joyful, as Wendell Berry says, “even though you have considered all the facts.”

Roger Jones is the senior minister of the UU Society of Sacramento and a part-time Doctor of Ministry candidate at Pacific School of Religion. A native of Indiana, he worked in Illinois government before pursuing his call to ministry