2015-05-24 Mystery and Awe

Bryan Plude, Worship Leader; Alex Lee-Jobe, Worship Associate.

There is much about life, the world and the universe that we don’t understand. Cultivating a sense of awe and wonder for the mysteries of creation helps to heal our psyches and may help heal the planet.

Bryan Plude has been a member of UUCD since he moved to Davis with his family in 1998. His girls are active in the MUUGs and Youth programs. A former worship associate, he just graduated from Starr King School for Ministry and has been accepted into Preliminary Fellowship in the Unitarian Universalist Association. He’ll be entering parish ministry. Bryan is engaged to Margaret Aumann, longtime resident of Davis.

2015-05-17 Coming of Age Service

11:15 Service

9:30 Service

9:30 Reflections by Meghan Kelly, Jeanie Plude, Sam Janata, Jenny Kobold, Joseph Morrison, Ella Gerner, Jamelyn Hubert, Jiji Hubert

11:15 Reflections by Megan Kelly, Quinn Rivers, Kaya Labbe-Renault, Michelle Monheit, Kathy Boyajian, Grace Kelly, Nash Labbe-Renault, Alison Luck, Leonie Pickett

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