2015-05-17 Coming of Age Service

11:15 Service

9:30 Service

9:30 Reflections by Meghan Kelly, Jeanie Plude, Sam Janata, Jenny Kobold, Joseph Morrison, Ella Gerner, Jamelyn Hubert, Jiji Hubert

11:15 Reflections by Megan Kelly, Quinn Rivers, Kaya Labbe-Renault, Michelle Monheit, Kathy Boyajian, Grace Kelly, Nash Labbe-Renault, Alison Luck, Leonie Pickett

organize and engage in activities that provide basic social services to hungry individuals and families in need. These activities include: Food collection, storage, and distribution for emergency needs. Providing personal emergency needs which include diapers and formula. Referrals to other service organizations of a charitable nature equipped to handle special and crisis needs. Donate anytime: http://tinyurl.com/DonateUUCD