2015-06-21 Flower Communion: A Celebration of Gifts

Revs. Elizabeth Banks & Cody Sanders, Worship Leaders; Suzanne Kimmel, Worship Associate; Michael Mandrell & Ruth Beck, Guest Musicians; Sam Janata, Guest Song Leader

Flower Communion reminds us what it means to belong. Bring a flower from a florist, your own back yard, or the highways and byways. We’ll use the flowers to enact a beloved UU tradition ceremony.

2015-06-14 Keep on Movin’ Forward

Worship Leaders…Dream Team: Steve Burns, Barbara Clutter, Charles Halsted, Meghan Kelly, Tamara Range; Donna Sachs, Worship Associate

The Dream Team (aka Strategic Planning) has worked for months gathering your dreams, and figuring out which ones the congregation wants to support at this time. Hear what they’ve learned. New Member Ceremony.