2015-10-25 The Third Plate: Honoring World Food Day

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Stacie Frerichs, Worship Associate.

When does a conversation heat up quickly and get a bit spicy? Just try telling people what they ought to eat, and say it with certainty (no grain of salt). I’m going to stir the pot with some thoughts I’ve cooked up from all my reading about food and the consequences of what we eat. A bitter pill? No. Thought provoking? I hope so.

Jacob Sacks, Worship Guest: Building Gardens Together – Jacob will speak about his work to create gardens for and with residents of a Yolo County community. Learn how you can participate.

2015-10-18 Hungry for Truth

Laura Thompson, Worship Leader; Ben Bazor, Worship Associate.

We affirm a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. In order to do this, we often wrestle with some very big questions: What is life’s purpose? Why is there suffering? What happens after we die? How do faith and our personal theology effect our search for truth? Join us as we explore reverence and big questions.

2015-10-11 Hands that Shaped This Land

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Associate; Alex Lee-Jobe, Worship Associate. Guests Karina & Kayla Li.

We’re beginning a Columbus Day series that honors those who settled on the land we know as California. This year we focus on the Chinese people who moved to this state for opportunity and freedom. Their hands shaped our land in California. As technology and the mobility of people increases with every decade, is it possible for cultures to remain true to their heritage? Is the assimilation of cultures inevitable?

Want to learn more about Chinese immigrants in California? Angel Island State Park is the largest natural island in the San Francisco Bay, and offers some fabulous views, trails and recreational opportunities. This National Park walks one through California history, from the Coast Miwok to Spanish explorers, to hundreds of thousands of immigrants, mostly from China, who were held at Angel Island as they waited for entrance to this country. http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=25767