2015-12-20 The Wholly Family Service

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Amethyst McKay, Worship Associate.

We celebrate the many forms of family, singles who find family with chosen friends, the husband and wife family, same sex couples, families with children and without, families with adopted children and foster children – the list of possibilities is almost endless. The question? “How is your family sacred?”

2015-12-13 Prophet Mohammed: The Story of a Pure Vessel

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Amanda Caudle, Worship Associate.

This Sunday we’ll prepare the way for the prophet Mohammed’s birthday, which falls on Dec 24 on the lunar calendar. The accepted tradition for recognizing the prophet’s birth is by telling stories about his life. With the assistance of Kamal Lemseffer and Anne Kjemtrup, Director of the Salam Center in Sacramento, we’ve identified pivotal events in Mohammed’s life that shaped the development of the message of Islam.