2016-02-21 Wrestling with “God”

Rev. Kevin Tarsa, Worship Leader; Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Associate.

What’s a non-theist religious naturalist to do with the concept of God? For that matter, what’s any of us to do with the idea of God these days? Come, continue to explore this month’s theme and your own thoughts and feelings.

Rev. Tarsa will draw on your responses to prepare the service. Rev. Kevin Tarsa serves the UU Fellowship of Beaufort, SC as Interim Minister. He is one of eight children, a lifelong church musician, a religious naturalist, and a graduate of Meadville Lombard Theological School, Chicago. A native of Michigan, Rev. Tarsa is enjoying the warm South Carolina winter and the chance to harvest kale and plant snow peas in January.

2016-02-14 The Arc of Justice

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Laura Thompson, Intern & Campus Minister, Worship Associate

Saturday we’ll do service projects throughout Yolo County and come together for an all ages dinner. Sunday is the culmination of our energy in a worship celebration. Sparks Choir will get us moving, we’ll see photos of every generation in action across our region, and we’ll gather for a quilt blessing. Come feel the love this Valentine’s Day!

2016-02-07 Looking for God

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Alexandra Lee-Jobe, Worship Associate

For many years, the word God held no meaning for me. Long before the thought of seminary ever crossed my mind, I had an experience. It had all the earmarks of the mystical journey, including arduous excursion that went to the edge of endurance and circled back to comfort. There were smells and bells and many invisible things. The story’s ending, that became a new beginning, was this, “I stepped out onto the bridge . . .” At the end of the service, you may have your own story to tell. Read   Hide-And-Seek With God stories by Mary Ann Moore. 30+ brief stories that invite discussion and interaction with children.