2016-04-17 Earth Day Celebrated

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Donna Sachs, Worship Associate.

Our worship service will focus around one piece of music (lyrics by Laura Sandage, based on Psalm 42) that we’ve waited to perform for almost two years. Juuliebells and Sparks Choir perform together.

As the deer longs for cool water, so my soul thirsts for thee./ Day and night I crave the cool water of thy company.

My heart cries in thirst for thee. O Holiest of Holies./ Leave me not in sorrow, lead me in thy presence tenderly.

My heart breaks in search of thee, O Holiest of Holies,/ Breaking open I find the Holy in a place inside of me

As the deer drinks of cool water, so my soul is filled./ Day and night I taste the cool water, thy glory spilled.

My heart with praise for thee, O Holiest of Holies.

2016-04-03 Listening As Spiritual Practice

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Karen Klussendorf, Worship Associate.

It’s no mistake that the April’s all-church theme, compassion follows the March theme, suffering. This service focuses on “listening to the still small voice within” and being present for the messages that are around us everywhere. One of the most important spiritual practices in my life happens when I prepare closing prayers for Celebration of Life services, and recognize members of the Board at their monthly meetings. It’s a simple and complex process, but it comes down to listening.