2016-06-12 Together, Our Gifts Can Bless the World

Ann-Catrin Van & Mari Perla, Worship Leaders; Rev. Beth Banks & Donna Sachs, Worship Associates. Board of Trustees covenant, and Honoring Laura Sandage.

The Bible speaks of the ministry of prophesy, but what about the ministry of coffee making? The scriptures are eloquent concerning admiring the lilies of the field, but is there mention of riding the mower through the grasses in the fields? Come and celebrate the many gifts we offer each other, from the service of governance, to the magic of singing, ringing, flipping veggie burgers, or lovingly being a part of a memorial reception. Ann-Catrin Van and Mari Perla weave our individual gifts into a magnificent whole for a powerful experience of community.

2016-06-05 Bridging to the Future

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader;  Jacob Sacks, Sharon Hale, Tom Jankowski, Erica Kenny, Worship Associates

Graduating high school seniors “Bridge” (transition from youth to young adulthood). The ritual includes parents, grandparents, mentors, teachers, and the congregation. Young adults who have already crossed the bridge to more independence share what helped them make the transition. This is a wonderful service for youth, young adults, and those who are young at heart.