2016-11-27 Plan Your Own ADVENTure

Elizabeth Assenza, Worship Leader, Tamara Range, Worship Associate.

Each of us carries stories of our history, our family, our communities. Some are individual stories: they belong to us uniquely. Others are communal stories we pass back and forth and carry through generations. Together we explore how we are shaped by our stories and how we shape the stories of our futures.

2016-11-13 No One Leaves Home, Unless…

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Elizabeth Assenza, Intern and Campus Minister; International Refugee Committee (IRC) Lauren Kocher & Hanna Messick

What makes someone leave their home country, abandoning everything that is familiar and loved? Warsaw Shire explains in her poem, “no one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark.” Members of the IRC join Beth in the pulpit to tell the stories of refugees coming to N. CA., and how we can help.

2016-11-06 No, We’re Really Not Alike

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Ben Bazor, Worship Associate.

Our country has experienced many divisive elections, but the 2016 national election has raised the anxiety of most Americans. We already knew ourselves to be a country divided into red and blue. Now the focus has shifted to a form of conservatism that is an open expression of fear of those perceived as outsiders, strangers, an ever-widening circle of humanity. This service won’t fix the rifts, but may help how we understand our family members with whom we have vast differences of religious or political opinion.