2016-12-25 Moravian Love Feast: A Taste of Heaven

Rev. Beth Banks & Elizabeth Assenza, Worship Leaders; Barbara Meixner, Pianist.

This is a very tasty Christmas Day service, of chocolate and honey bread. It’s an hour of carols, readings, and then a communion of chocolate with honey bread, both considered food from Heaven. Come in your relaxed Christmas Day clothes for a sweet, uplifting morning.

2016-12-18 The Wholly Family

Elizabeth Assenza, Worship Leader; Autumn Labbe-Renault, Worship Associate.

We celebrate the many forms of family, including singles who find family with chosen friends, families of same-sex couples, hetero-sex couples, families without children, with birth children, adopted children, foster children, and more. Question: “Is there a person in your family who inspired you? Tell us about their presence in your life.”

2016-12-11 Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Ben Bazor, Worship Associate; Lua Hightower, Guest Musician.

The Muslim tradition is to honor Mohammed’s birthday by telling stories of his life. He was a humble man, filled with fear, awe and doubt because of a presence that came to him. This is the second year that we have offered this service to better understand the faith of Islam.