2017-01-29 Ashley Horan

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Rev. Ashley Horan, Guest; Stacie Frerichs, Worship Associate.

Ashley Horan was UUCD’s 2012 Intern and Campus Minister. Ashley has done work for reproductive, racial, economic and sexual/gender justice, and many other issues. She is now Director of Minnesota UU Social Justice Alliance, one of the most active Religious Community Organizations in the country. She has had a high profile in the Minneapolis St. Paul Black Lives Matter movement and a nationwide blog following. She participated in the Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline protests as a minister.

She is a member-leader with Resource Generation, whose mission is to organize young people with wealth and class privilege to become transformative leaders working toward the equitable distribution of wealth, land and power.

Ashley lives with her partner, the Rev. Karen Hutt, who is also a UU Minister and a chaplain and Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor at the University of Minnesota Medical Center. They have two children–Zi and Aspen. She leads a Beloved Conversations retreat for members of UUCD and UU Society of Sacramento Jan. 27 – 29.

2017-01-22 Looking for Our Prophet

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Tamara Range, Worship Associate.

Prophets usually arise from the edges of society, challenging those invested in the dominant culture. Some say the outside perspective provides a clearer view of the whole system with its strengths and weaknesses. Others say viewing society from the edge offers an unbalanced and reactionary perspective. Where will the prophet for our time come from?

2017-01-15 With Intention: Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

Elizabeth Assenza, Intern, Worship Leader; Ellie Norris, Worship Associate

The words and works of Rev. Dr. King have served as a guide for decades. This year, what can we find in his life to fuel our work for justice; what can we find in his words that can help us continue his work of building beloved community?