2017-02-12 Flying Together

Rev. Vail Weller, Guest Preacher; Rev. Beth Banks,  Worship Leader

What inspires the starling to move in harmony with the other birds in the group? How does your living generously lead to increased generosity in others? How might abundance transform your community?

The Rev. Vail Weller is Congregational Giving Director at the UUA (she manages the Annual Program Fund that encourages congregations to support other congregations through covenantal giving to the association). Vail loves visiting congregations across our movement, and has seen a lot of them as a lifelong UU as well as a parish minister. She has served in West Virginia, Michigan and now San Mateo. She shares her life with her children, Zinn and Denison, and her husband, David, and knows how to find her favorite restaurants in airports across the country.