2017-04-09 Sanctuary – The Holy Space of Belonging

Rev. Morgan McLean, Worship Leader; Elli Norris, Worship Associate; Special Guest Speaker, Bob Lane.

In the 1980s, UUCD engaged in lively dialogue and discernment about whether we would become an official Sanctuary congregation. It’s time again for us to decide how we will respond to the need of those at risk of deportation. The population who lives in the shadows, fearing deportation, is more diverse than thirty years ago, and the ways in which sanctuary can be provided is more widely defined. For Rev. Banks and Rev. McLean, the question is not whether to provide sanctuary, but how.

Bob Lane is a member of the Mt. Diablo UU & is affiliated with Faith Alliance for a Moral Economy (FAME), which works to insure that our institutions and practices honor the full humanity of those whom our society considers “the least” especially immigrants and low wage workers.


2017-04-02 Embracing Our Differences

Elizabeth Assenza, Worship Leader; Tamara Range, Worship Associate

Unitarian Universalists strive to create ever more inclusive and accessible communities. As we work toward greater justice for children, youth, and adults, how are our energies renewed by our UU histories and theologies? When we expand the ways individuals living with disabilities can access our faith, we invite a change that will strengthen us and deepen our connection to one another and to all that is sacred in the world