2017-04-23 Earth Day Celebration: Gaia, Mother Earth and The Oneness of Everything

Jim Scott, UU Composer & Activist; Karen Klussendorf, Worship Associate.

Uplifting musical celebration of the beauty, the fragility, and healing power of our ecosystem and of humanity.

Jim Scott has made it his business to create and perform music of the Earth, justice, and peace with lyrical melodies and memorable verses.  Jim brings us a mix of his words and music in both a wake-up call and an uplifting celebration of the beauty, the fragility and healing power of our ecosystem and of humanity on this finite planet. Years of activism are reflected in Jim’s work. His songs, poetry and short stories address issues with passion, insight and gentle wit. From his work with the Paul Winter Consort where he co-wrote their celebrated “Missa Gaia/Earth Mass” and many other pieces, Jim has visited over 700 UU churches in more than 30 years of travels. His songs are in our hymnbooks and he was one of the creators of the Green Sanctuary program. A prolific writer and arranger, Jim created the Earth and Spirit Songbook, 110 songs of earth and peace by many contemporary composers. He’s recorded 7 albums of original music and published a growing line of choral music.