2017-06-25 Waking Up Alive

Kirk Ridgeway, Worship Leader; Tamara Range, Worship Associate.

Life comes from darkness and returns to darkness. Each day we experience this circle as we wake in the morning and go to sleep at night. When we wake, are we really awake or do we only allow part of our self to be present as we journey through our days? What would it be like to wake up fully alive, fully present, endowed with gratitude, generosity, and belongingness…a state of grace? This service is an invitation to that aliveness, to stay vital and in love with life, no matter the hardships.

2017-06-18 Pinch of This, A Dash of That

Elizabeth Assenza’s, final service as UUCD’ Intern and Campus Minister, Worship Leader; Stacie Frerichs, Worship Associate

In a recipe, zest is one small ingredient. Remove it and the recipe will still hold, but you may find yourself saying, “something’s missing.” Over the life of a church, each person is one small ingredient who may add zest! Like lemon zest in a tart, the members and friends of this congregation have shaped the recipe of Elizabeth’s person and ministry. Let’s celebrate our time together and the zest we’ve brought one another.

2017-06-11 Together Our Gifts Can Bless the World

Rev. Beth Banks & Rev. Morgan McLean, Worship Leaders; Mari Perla, UUCD Board Chair 2016-17; Carol Corbett, Board Chair 2017-18, Worship Associates

Celebrate the many gifts we offer each other: from the service of governance to the magic of singing, ringing, flipping veggie burgers, or being a part of a memorial reception. At this service, everyone has time to consider what has happened in this past church year. This is a service of celebration and invitation.

2017-06-04 Becoming: Brave Curosity

Rev. Beth Bank, Worship Leader; Elli Norris, Worship Associate.

A message about “Becoming” will be delivered at the Ordination of Laura Thompson, our 2015-16 intern. Laura requested that the sermon address a certain kind of learning she experienced at UUCD. This learning style is at once demanding and life-giving, and would give us what she wishes for herself and for our communities. Beth will be deliver a sermon that is both for Laura and for our congregation.