2017-07-02 UU and the First Amendment––All Five Parts!

John Ashby, Worship Leader; Ben Bazor, Worship Associate.

Religious freedom: So important that––as soon as the founders finished the constitution––they immediately started on the Bill of Rights and today we look at the first amendment and what it means to Unitarian Universalism and beyond. And, what do the other four parts of the First Amendment have to do with Religious Freedom? What was Madison up to?

John & Barbara Ashby have attended UUCD for decades – Members since 1998. They have served in pretty much every way––in many cases more than once. For the past 4 years, John has attended Starr King School for the Ministry while working full time (as an Organic foods specialist). He is a “Candidate for the Ministry” and plans to complete his Master of Divinity in about 2 years.