2017-10-15 Courage at the Threshold

Rev. Morgan McLean, Worship Leader; Dani Lindstrom, Worship Associate.

Fear is part of the human experience. Sometimes fear keeps us alive. More often fear closes doors and keeps us from fully embracing life. The old wisdom of facing our fears turns out to be great advice, but we must first acknowledge them. How can we find and face our fears while opening doors to life around us? This Sunday includes a Quilt Blessing for Progress Ranch.

2017-10-08 Japanese in California: The Courage of Gaman

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Tamara Range, Worship Associate.

On Columbus Day weekend, we focus on the people of color who settled in northern California during the decades following California’s statehood. This year, Joyce Takahashi has generously offered resources that give the background for some Japanese who settled northern California. They had a deep-rooted cultural response to the oppression they experienced and their stories help us better understand their perseverance in an oppressive system.

2017-10-01 The Courage to be Together

Dani Lindstrom, Worship Leader; Lily Roberts, Worship Associate.

In his benediction, The World is too Beautiful, Eric Williams challenges us to remember, “The world is too beautiful to be praised by only one voice… the world is too broken to be healed by only one set of hands.” Being in relationship with other beautiful and imperfect people sometimes feels impossible. How do we have the courage to be together?