2017-11-19 The Cornucopia of Our Dreams

Revs. Beth Banks & Morgan McLean, Worship Leaders; Lily Roberts, Worship Associate.

This is a UUCD Thanksgiving Festival service fashioned after the Flower Communion Sunday. Bring fresh fruit or vegetables to create a bountiful cornucopia at the center of worship. We’ll celebrate abundance and community with the message that everyone’s gifts are needed to create community. In Greek mythology, the cornucopia, or the horn of plenty, could become filled with whatever the owner desired. What would we desire in abundance? New Member Ceremony.

2017-11-12 Veteran’s Day

Stacie Frerichs, Worship Leader; Elli Norris, Worship Associate.

Journey with Stacie back to Europe during World War II as she shares photos and stories of her grandfather, Al Cloutier’s, service in the Army Air Corps. Part of his service was to take photographs and ensure communications reached Allied command. Her grandfather passed away at the age of 95, last December. After his death, the family discovered the treasure trove of photos that told more of his story.

2017-11-05 The Real Blessing

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Kasia Stepien, Worship Associate.

In preparation for this Sunday’s service, remember a time when you received something from another person. What was it, and how did it change your life? Generosity comes in many forms and creates abundance in some ways we may not have considered. Also, Alison Luck and Rev. Morgan McLean lead a commissioning and blessing of the UUCD Border Trip participants.