2018-08-26 The Thread

Alex Haider-Winnett, Autumn Labbe-Renault,  Lilly Roberts, Worship Leaders; Grainne Grant, Emily Burstein, Meghan Kelly, Steve Burns, Anne Hillman, & Jaclyn Leiva Conklin, Worship Associates

This coming year, we’ll have eight Worship Associates with a diversity of theological perspectives and life experiences. The Associates focus on a theme that gives them the opportunity to share their perspectives.

2018-08-19 Birthing the Great Soul

Rev. Beth Banks, Worship Leader; Lily Roberts, Worship Associate

Welcome: 2018-19 Intern & Campus Minister, Alex Haider-Winnett.

Generosity means giving more than is necessary or expected. Research shows generosity is connected to our internal well-being. Rev. Beth is studying generosity this summer: reading, interviewing people known for their generosity. Who would you name as a ‘great soul’ of generosity?

2018-08-05 Purposeful Living-Where Need & Gladness Meet

Rev. Mary Westfall, Worship Leader; Autumn Labbé-Renault, Worship Associate

It’s been said that many people know how to make a living, but few truly know how to make a life. With the opportunities available to us, by what criteria do we make decisions as to the use of our time, energy, resources? What values guide and inform our choices?

Rev. Dr. Mary Westfall is new to Sacramento, after 30 years of ministry in urban and campus settings: most recently a lively, progressive UCC congregation in Northern New England. She is passionate about the intersection of faith and justice and is active with the Poor People’s Campaign and Sacramento ACT. In her current role as a Pastoral Consultant for Community Engagement, Mary works with congregations that seek to increase their social justice capacity.