A Letter from Reverend Beth Banks

Beth Banks 051510

If you are a long time member, or are considering walking through our doors, this message is for you. The Unitarian Universalist denomination really is different from most others. We’re not founded on creeds; therefore many different beliefs are found in any one congregation. We are not as interested in whether you believe in God. We ask, “In what do you place your deepest trust?”

We have covenanted to treat each other and the world at large with deep respect. That respect includes honoring our theological differences. We celebrate a diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity. We listen carefully to political opinions that differ from our own, and simultaneously work for what we believe to be right. We covenant to be in right relationship with the living Earth.

In this church we are not asked to be perfect. We are asked to keep trying to live our ideals. That’s why we come together on Sunday. To remind ourselves and each other of the importance of these promises.

Welcome to this place of hope.

– Senior Minister, Rev. Elizabeth “Beth” Banks

We ask, “In what do you place your deepest trust?”